• AMP Developer / UX Designer

• Mobile Speed Optimization



  1. Analyzed mobile sites for over 200 of Google’s large consumer clients for the Google Americas Mobile Strategy Team.
  2. Performed mobile site speed analysis and presented results to marketing & engineering teams to express areas needed to improve the companies current mobile site speed.
  3. Developed and designed AMP pages: amp-html, custom css, and AMP components.
  4. Goal: Improve mobile site speed using accelerated mobile page technology. Educate companies about AMP and help them get started.


Areas to improve optimization: 

  1. Enabling Browser Caching for Apache / IIS / NGINX
  2. Enabling Compression for Apache / IIS / NGINX
  3. Avoiding loading duplicate JS & CSS files
  4. Image optimization – removing duplicate images, compressing images
  5. Minify  CSS & JS
  6. Eliminate Render Blocking JS in Above-The-Fold content
  7. Eliminate Render Blocking CSS in Above-The-Fold content
  8. Avoid Landing Page Redirects
  9. Prioritize Visible COntent
  10. Use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  11. Bundling Static Resources (JS/CSS)
  12. Enable Asynchronous Scripts
  13. Enable Keep-Alive
  14. Use CSS Sprites
  15. Avoid CSS @import

Software: Sublime, GT Metrix, Web Page Test, Google Page Speed Insights, Microsoft Office, Asana, Google AMP, custom css, amp components